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An innovative data system for electronic books
About us
Sunnsoft Publishing develops information data systems for private enterprises, non-profit organizations, and the public sector. Our goal is to simplify the everyday whether you are creating, managing, or accessing information. We have extensive experience in developing applications for smart phones, tablets and over the web. Among our customers you find Oslo University Hospital, The University of Oslo, The Norwegian Directorate of Health and The Norwegian Doctors Association. Sunnsoft was established in 2004 by Kristian Austad and Anders Kvale Havig and has offices in Oslo, London and San Francisco.
Inaccessible handbooks, procedures and guidelines too often gather dust on a bookshelf just as inaccessible data systems lay stagnant on desktops or home screens. If information is to be used during a hectic work day, it has to be available within seconds. With our innovative data system you will have access to your electronic book on your computer, smart phone, or tablet (Android, iPhone/iPad, and Windows Phone); over the web; as an application and available within seconds. With our advanced editing tool you may edit and update your data system as needed. Sunnsoft offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing your data system to be custom fit to your needs.
If you want more information about us or a demonstration of our products, send us an email (support (at) sunnsoft.no or call us at (+47) 480 96 268.